Kayla F.

All televisions are female. Some people don't have pants on. Syncopation is actually a word. Ain't is in the dictionary. Wombo is not a real word. Inevitably, you will have a class on one side of the school followed by a class on the other side that is impossible to get to by the time the bell rings. Home economics is even more stupid than they make it out to be. Buenas Tardes means "good afternoon", not "You're tardy: go to the principals office!" Geometry is easy if you get the right teacher and your best friend sits in front of you. Lunch is not edible unless you have money. If you leave the school to get lunch across the street at Taco Bell, the principal will get mad. Lockers are useless. Band is fun. When you're not marching. Outside. In 90 degree weather. In black. If you try to steal your friends perfume, the teacher won't care as long as you don't spray it all over the classroom. Upperclassmen tend to avoid you if your sister is a freshman. For the third year in a row. If someone in the band goes to your church, you will either become great friends or totally hate each other. Don't share drinks in front of the band director. Don't bring any food or drinks other than water into the band hall. Don't bring non-band members into the band hall. Don't make out with non-band members in the band hall. If the band director is stupid enough to give you the keys to his Jeep, he is so awesome.

funniness: 3.50

rating: PG