Adam G.

Restroom Poetry The following are poems found inscribed in public restrooms: Here I lie in stinky vapor, Because some bastard stole the paper, Shall I lie, or shall I linger, Or shall I be forced to use my finger. Here I sit Broken hearted, Paid a dime And only farted Here I sit What a caper I have to shit But I'm out of paper You're lucky You had your chance I tried to fart, And shat my pants! Some people come here to take a shit, I came here to leave one. Some come here to sit and think, Some come here to shit and stink, But I come here to scratch my balls, And read the bullshit on the walls... Here I sit, I'm at a loss trying to shit out taco sauce. When it comes, I hope and pray, that I don't blow my ass away. (Written high up on the wall) If you can piss above this line, the Hillsboro Fire Department wants you. (Seen above a urinal) Please do not throw cigarette butts in our urinal. We don't piss in your ashtrays! (Scratched into the paint of the condom-dispensing machine) "Don't buy this gum, it tastes like rubber." (Under a sign that said: "Employees Must Wash Hands") I waited and waited, but I finally washed them myself. Thanks for reading my poetry! Please vote.

funniness: 8.42

rating: PG-13