Peter B.

Spray people with a hose. If they tell you to stop, don't. Pretend to disagree with someone (I just loved that movie! You say: YES YOU DO! In an angry tone) This is just a way to freak people out:Go into the bathroom, after a few seconds, say "ITS GOT ME! AAAAAAAAAAAH! in a scared/paniccy tone. When you come out, just look normal. At the store:(this works good at expensive stores) Haggle the price for something very low (10 cents). Don't take no for an answer. Make sad faces/burst out in tears whenever something good happens, make an angry face whenever there is an odd moment, etc. Stare at peoples hands. Dye your hair a slight blue, and when people say that "Oh! I love your hair! where can I get that blue tone!" Deny having blue dye in your hair. Hunting: Put a scope on an archery bow. Use it. Playing sports: Purposely betray your team. When they yell at you, say I thought i was on their team... Buy a labelmaker. Label EVERYTHING. Great for parties. Pre-record one of those fake gunshot sounds. Put it on your mp3 player, and then play it as loud as possible (put ketchup and dirt on your hand, see if anyone believes it.) Whenever someone says something common, (pass the corn, please) say "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???" as if it was something bad.

funniness: 2.38

rating: PG