Peter B.

National Goof-Off Day--March 22 National Relaxation Day--August 15 Festival Of Sleep--January 3 Public Sleeping Day--February 28 Make Up Your Own Holiday Day--March 26 Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes It Day--January 2 Fly a Kite Day--February 8 Man Watcher's Day--January 8 Play God Day--January 9 Measure Your Feet Day--January 23 Return Carts to the Supermarket Month--February 1-28 National Blah Buster Month--February 1-28 For busting the winter blahs. National Surf and Turf Day--February 29 National Read a Road Map Week--April 4-10 Clean Up Your Room Day--May 10 Anti-Boredom Month--July 1-31 Hitchhiking Month--July 1-31 Take A Hike Day--November 17 Build a Scarecrow Day--July 1 World Sauntering Day--June 19 Ugly Truck Contest--July 20 National Tug-o-War Contest--July 21 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day--July 27 Wiggle Your Toes Day--August 6 Defy Super Situation Day--September 13 Cable TV Month--September 1-30 Ask a Stupid Question Day--September 28 Be Bald and Free Day--October 14 Punk For a Day Day--October 25 Waiting For the Barbarians Day--November 4 Marooned Without a Compass Day--November 6 Start Your Own Country Day--November 22 Make Your Own Head Day--November 28 Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute--December 30

funniness: 4.09

rating: G