A R.

Meeting Girls: My, you're a lovely young lady - Damn! You's a fine mutha-fucka! Let's go for a ride, shall we? - Hey baby, let's jump in my lowrider and let's rotate deez tires! You are very beautiful. I'd like to make love to you. - Damn, bitch! You stupid fly! Lemme pull up to your bumper and smack dat monkey! Greeting Old Friends: Hello, sir. - Whaddup, dawg? May I borrow some money? - Hey, lemme hold some ends. I'll hit you back on the first, my brotha! You don't have it? Thanks anyway. - FUCK YOU!! Meeting new friends: Hello, sir... - WHADDUP??? I admire your fashionable running shoes - DROP DEM NIKES OFF YOUR ASS BEFORE I BLAST YOU, MUTHA-FUCKA!

funniness: 3.73

rating: R