nathan s.

Every once in a while I like to bring you something educational... NO don't leave! its not that educational anyway, THERE IS NO WYOMING!!!! Yes its true!! Think about it, have you ever met anyone from Wyoming? You: no... Well there you have it. If you want more proof, It all started in the year 1804 When Thomas Jefferson had just made the Louisiana purchase. Tom Was very busy designing the United states. "oh no! I have no idea where to put anything!" So tom called his frield to help. "I'll put Kansas here, Oregon there, oh! and Pensilvania here! And just for fun, I'll put Alaska way up north, and Hawaii an island! " Then tom said " But there is still one space left! And im all out of states!" So toms friend took a pen and wrote the word 'Wyoming' in the space. Wyoming being an old Italian word meaning "NO STATE HERE" There you have it.

funniness: 2.13

rating: G