eric h.

Once, there was a man who wanted to cross the local desert. He didn?t have much money, so he couldn?t rent a truck, or ride a plane. So he decided to buy a camel which he could ride the distance. He searched for a camel dealer, and at last he found Honest Abdul?s Quality Pre-Owned Camels. He went to the seller and said, ?Hello. I wish to buy a camel that could cross the desert, God willing. It is a five day trip, so he must be able to go a great distance without water.? To that the dealer said, ?Of course. We can offer you the perfect camel. He will easily make your five-day journey, no problem.? So they went over to the camels that were drinking water from a trough. The dealer went over to the one who was drinking the most water. The man saw all the water that he was drinking, and bought the camel right away, without even discussing the price. The clerk then gave him instructions on watering the camel. ?To make sure that your camel lasts the five days, make him drink for one hour non-stop, and be sure to brick him.? Not wanting to show his ignorance in front of Honest Abdul, the man purchased the camel, but did not ask what ?brick him? meant. Soon he would regret this omission. The next day he prepared for his journey, packing food and water for himself, a tent, some SPF-40, and one of those stupid hats that cover most of your head. At last he prepared the camel, allowing him to drink continuously for two hours instead of one, in the hope that this would make up for not bricking the camel. Off he rode. For four days the camel was problem-free, but on the fifth day, he refused to budge, and in spite of a generous encouragement from the whip, was content to lie down and die. The man ended up walking, then crawling to his destination, barely alive. Years went by before the man was again in the town that Honest Abdul plied his used camel trade. Of course he paid a visit to the famous camel dealer, to complain about his near-death experience. Abdul quizzed him: ?Did you allow the camel to drink continuously for one hour? ?Yes? And did you brick him? ?Ah, I?ve been meaning to ask you about that?.? ?Praise Allah, this was your grave mistake and cause of all your trouble. You have voided the warrantee I must tell you? said Abdul. ?But come with me to the water trough and I will demonstrate the proper bricking technique for your edification, praise Allah?. Abdul picked up a pair of common clay bricks from the sandy ground, and approached a large male camel from behind. As the camel lazily drank from the water trough, Abdul waited for his tail to swing just enough to the side, and loudly clapped the bricks together on the camel?s gonads. The reaction was immediate: the camel practically inhaled 20 gallons of water with a desperate sucking sound, nearly draining the water supply. ?My God, Abdul, that is amazing, but doesn?t that hurt??, explained the surprised man. ?Not if you keep your thumbs out from between the bricks!?

funniness: 5.94

rating: PG