Adam G.

Here are some random things that well... gansters, or gangtas' would say. Regular: You're mama's so fat that when she fell I tried not to laugh, but the ground started cracking up. Ganster way: Yo' mama's so tank ass, dog, dat when dat bitch fell, son, my ass tried not to laugh, son, but tha ground started crackin up! Regular: I had to go back home because this girl was about to kill me for being such a dumby Ganster way: My ass had to go back crib cuz this homegirl wuz about to kill me fo' bein such a hoe boy Regular: Ok, yesterday i had the weirdest dream! I caught my girlfriend doing my dad! Ganster way: Ight, dog, yesterday my ass had tha weirdest dream ever! My homegirl dawg wuz caught on doin' my pappy! Regular: Would you go out with me please? I really like your hair and well... you're really hot! Please let me fuck that pussy! Ganster way: Wood y'alls go out wit me please? My ass really like yo' hair an' well... y'alls really hot! Please let me fuck dat poontang! Regular: Dang! that girl over tehr is really pretty. I wish i could go and do that nice big ass of hers... Ganster ways: Dan! dat homegirl over tehr be really pretty. My ass wish my ass coul' go an' do dat nice mad big booty of hers... Regular: Come and hop into my car, we could go to any place you would like because im always good with anything you would want Ganster way: Come an' hop into my whip, son, we coul' go to any place y'alls wood like cuz im always tight wit anythin y'alls wood be wantin' Regular: That girls' ass was mad nice. I could sex that thing all night! Ganster way: Dat girls' booty wuz mad nice. My ass coul' pussy dat thin all night! Regular: I really like the shit you have been doing, would you mind if I joined you? Ganster way: My ass really like tha shitznit y'alls been doin, son, wood y'alls mind if My ass joined y'alls? Thanks for reading, Please vote! This might come in handy sometimes *wink* *Wink*

funniness: 4.36

rating: PG-13