Alex V.

Please rate these lists on funny AND cool. Top 10 worst names for a pet. 10. Bingo (Usually Dog) Is it actually bad? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the classic Bingo name...It's just so, un-original and old. 9. Treasure (Could be anything) Is it actually bad? Well.....It depends on your definiton of "Treasure". 8. Jimmy,Billy,Bob, ect. (Anything) Is it actually bad? The names for humans themselves are horrible...I mean, it is acceptable on some animals...I guess. 7. Sushi (Better not be fish) Is it actually bad? Well....Try naming your fish that, then face the horror of Irony. 6. Apple,Lemon, any fruit or vegetable (Don't ask) Is it actually bad? Well, when I think of fruit, I think of eating, so.... 5. Bouncer (Dog/Rabbit/Hamster) Is it actually bad? I don't know...My friend has a dog named Bouncer....But it just dosen't fit. It usually reminds me of those bouncers at concerts or something. 4. Salt/Pepper (Dog/Rabbit/Cat/Hamster) Is it actually bad? Well.....Yes 3. Beautiful/Pretty/Handsome ect. (Anything, really, yes people are weird) Is it actually bad? Don't get me wrong, I think animals are CUTE, but calling them Handsome, just crosses the line. 2. Toronto, Barrie ,anything named after a place (All Pets) Is it actually bad? "Come here Toronto, come here boy" 1. Pumpking (usually cat or dog) Is it actually bad? Ohh god yes. I would never in a million years, name any pet "Pumpking". ---------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 most annoying sayings 10. "Oh your sooo cute, I could just gobble you up" Why is it annoying? Think about it 9. "Money dosen't grow on trees" Why is it annoying? Well, in all do respect, Money does grow on trees. Money is paper, paper comes from trees. Not only that, I just hate the saying itself 8. "You would lose your head if it wasn't attached to you" Why is it annoying? Ha, well....The number of times I've heard it... 7. "Lets me think about it *pause*, mmm, no." Why is it annoying? Well, because, it just is. 6. "Give it 120%! Why is it annoying? Well, 100% is sufficient enough for me, mmm k? 5. "Practice makes Perfect" Why is it annoying? Well, aren't people telling you that, there is no such thing as perfection? 4. "Tattle tale go to jail,stick your head in a garbage pale" Why is it annoying? I was never a "Tattle tale", I was never a "Snitch". It's just so annoying when people remind you of it. 3. "Stay in school" Why is it annoying? Well, ask your mom if you can drop out, take the response she gave you, come back, and write it in the guestbook, we'll see how many mother's say "yes honey, education is a waste of time". 2. "Life it too short" Why is it annoying? Well, is there ever going to be anything LONGER?!!?!? 1. "I'm telling!" Why is it annoying? Ohhhh god.......... ------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 stupidest things people say on a date 10. "Can I ask you a question" Yes, yes, we all know this one.... 9. "I'm having a really great time" Ok, this isn't bad. I mean, it's nice too hear and all, but chances are, if your kissing up a storm, your having a good time. 8. "You wanna play truth or dare?" Yes, I have done this, but, come on... 7. Small Talk Yep 6. "Did you see that?!?!" Yes, I copied this one from Funny Junk, but it's true, so I'll give the response. "No, I paid 12$ too look at the damn floor" 5. "Something smells funny" Hehe..... 4. "This is the hardest restaurant to get in to in town!" Yup. I have a 2 for 1 coupon that expires soon... 3. "I used to come here all the time with my ex" Brain dead move there buddy... 2. "I love this song *starts singing, Dancing*" Embarassing or WHAT! 1. "I'm a rapist" Wow, don't think this hasn't happened to people! It has!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 most annoying things people can say/do to you 10. Step on the heal of your shoe Annoying? Yes. Not so much for me, because my shoes are already messed up. Besides, I do it to other people. 9. Spit when they talk Annoying? Pretty damn gross if you ask me. 8. When people go "Alex, Alex! Guess what! I'm hyper" Annoying? Well, I really couldn't care less if your hyper. 7. Slap you contiouisly Annoying? Pretty annoying. 6. Beeing rude Annoying? I hate rude people 5. When people come over to your house and destroy your property like the think it's theirs Annoying? Oh yeah 4. When you say "no" to something, and the person goes "Why. Why?" Annoying? Impolite and annoying 3. When people use you Annoying? When you find out, your pretty bumbed. 2. When people blame you for no reason Annoying? YES!!!!!!!! 1. When your mom tells you too get something, and you can't find it, and you ask them where it is, and she goes "look harder" or "Look". Annoying? 100%

funniness: 3.86

rating: PG