Adam G.

A 17 year old kid is staying home alone tonight. His name is Freddy. Freddy is a very foolish kid and is a wise guy. His parents leave and he quickly runs to the phone. He dials his girlfriend's phone number, and then, waits for her to come. He finally sees his girlfriend pull over with her car, she's 21. She comes in and asks, "Why did you call me over"? Freddy answers, "To have sex!." She replies, "I'm not in the mood for tasting cum right now..." So Freddy asks if maybe she would give him a blowjob. She answers, "Again? This is gonna be like the 15th time!" "OK, OK. A hand job?" Freddy asks. His girlfriend replies, "OK, how do you do it?" "You grab my dick, and pretend you're gettin ketchup out of its bottle" Freddy says. So... she grabs his dick, and starts smacking the tip of it like the bottom of a ketchup bottle!

funniness: 3.95

rating: R