Fawad A.

A rich man arranges a dinner party. He hires an entertainer for the guests sitting in his guest room. He tells this entertainer,? I shall give you 10,000 dollars if you do something for me.? The hired man asks,? What do I have to do?? The rich man replies,? I want you to make the ladies cry and the gents laugh.? The man thinks and nods his head to accept the offer. So at the party it really happens. The ladies cry throughout and the gents laugh loudly. When the hired entertainer comes to the rich man for his reward the rich man looks impressed and says,? I will give you double money but tell me how did you do it?? The entertainer replies,? Well it wasn?t difficult actually. I just stood in the middle of the room facing the ladies with gents behind me and started to tell the stories of the world war.? The rich man interferes, ?what about the males?? The hired man tells,? Well, I had lowered my pants from behind and was wearing no underwear.?

funniness: 5.53

rating: PG