Fawad A.

Three friends Boon Goon and Loon were going for a walk; they saw a bird that was trapped in a cage. That bird talked to them and begged its freedom. The three of them did not do anything and stood in amazement. At last the bird told them that it will reward them if they free it. The three friends hurried and freed the talking bird from its prison. The bird gave 3 eggs to each of them and said that these are magical eggs and they will grant your wish if you break them. With this the bird flew away. Boon said to his friends,? from now we will be on our own ways with our 3 eggs and will meet each other at this very place after a year to see how rich we get.? All of them took their own ways. After a year they all met at the place. Boon was now a billionaire and had an army of servants. Goon became a powerful super villain and had supernatural powers. But Loon looked the same old beggar like being. Both of his friends were amazed and asked what happened, Loon told his story;? I was just going with my 3 eggs and suddenly one of my eggs fell and broke. I suddenly uttered ?SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!? and so it was, each of my holes was spilling shit. Even my nose, eyes and mouth was spilling it. It was awfully painful, so I broke another egg and wished ?NO SHIT! NO SHIT! NO SHIT!? And it all stopped. I went home and ate a lot of food. Later when I went to the toilet I realized that really it ALL had stopped I even lost the ability to shit naturally from behind. It was too painful and my stomach swelled with all the food digested and turned into crap but there was no way for it to get out. So I just had to break the third and last egg and wish for my own ability to shit and here I am after using all my magical eggs.?

funniness: 3.54

rating: PG