dean h. shops when the person behind the counter says can i help "nah love i came here so i could stare at you all day" stupid cow 9.on the news when it says stupid stuff like "i here live at iraq where major bombings are its quite horrific standing here..." bloody move then you dumb twat 8.ringtones get worst every year first you have songs but then bloody things going ring a ding ching mind sing ling bing, i'd bloody smash my phone up. 7.when im watching wrestling (which i love) and every 5 seconds the person im watching it with says "oh that looks so fake" "this is shit" dont bloody watch it then go home 6.when people laugh through sex education, so what your gonna giggle when you see your girlfriends bits, shes going to dancing for or something and your going to be laughing your head off!!! 5.chris brown's video when he is following that girl dancing like a prat and then gets her at the end if i was her i would slap a restraining order on him! 4. chris brown himself!!! 3. when gays fight for rights, you've got rights already you bunch of idiots what do you want next to be able to shag on the bloody a40! 2.remakes of old films and films to games, absolute crap they get king kong and shove in a few t rexes or spiderman games when they shove in characters which weren't even in the film. 1. world cup songs for england come on lads face we aint gonna win it again just give up!!!

funniness: 3.06

rating: PG