gab a.

An Elephant is walking through the forest and he hears a sqeaking off in the distance, he turns and follows the noise when he come upon a mouse stuck in a hole. "Mr. Elephant," the mouse beckoned, "Can you please help me get out of this hole." "All right," said the elephant "Hold on a sec." The elephant proceeded to straddle the hole and lowered his large dick into the hole. The mouse grabbed hold and the elephant pulled him out. "Thank you Mr. Elephant, if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask." A couple of months later the mouse was walking through the forest and he heard a large bellowing, so he proceeded to follow the sound and found an elephant stuck in a enormous hole. "Mr. Mouse," the elephant cried, "remember a couple a months ago you were stuck and I helped you get out of that hole? Now as you can see, I am stuck and I need your help!" "Yes i remember, I will try to help you." The Mouse tried to straddle the hole and stick his dick in but the hole was to big and he is just, well, a mouse. the mouse looked at the elephant and said "hold on Mr. Elephant, I will be right back." So the mouse ran off. Five minutes later the mouse comes back with his Porsche, backs it up to the hole, the elephant wraps his trunk around the bumper and the mouse drags him out. The Moral of the Story: You don't need a big dick if you have a Porsche.

funniness: 6.10

rating: R