Fawad A.

Three friends Boon Goon and Loon were going for a walk on the seaside. All of a sudden, three of them saw a bag full of cash, they started to quarrel that who will take the money. Boon had an idea, he suggested that all of them will try and tell the worst lie they can come up with and the one with the worst lie would take the bag. They all agreed on this. Firstly Boon started his lie. This is what he said; ?My father is a college principal, I went to see him in his college, we went to sleep, suddenly out of nowhere a storm hit the city and I saw that every building was flying in the air. When I woke up the college was spared and it was almost time to start the classes. After that I was coming back and saw the bag, I saw it first and I deserve it.? Now it was Goon?s turn and he gave his best by saying; ?My father is a fisherman, I went to my village and he had a surprise for me, he told me that he caught a fish that talked and was very intelligent. I went to the kitchen and saw that the fish was cooking food. Later it cleaned the house and went to fly a kite with me. From my roof I saw the bag and I came to get it.? After that Loon said; ?You all have tried your best but now I?ll tell you my part. My father is a merchant and he bought an unusual egg. When he broke it on the frying pan, a chick came out. It grew very fast and became as huge as an elephant in few moments. My father started to carry tones of iron on its back. It carried the iron for hundreds of miles and one day due to overweight its back got injured. My father took it to the doctor and the doctor advised to use Oranges as medicine after removing their seeds. One day my father forgot to remove the seeds and a huge tree grew on the chicken?s back. It was high and bore millions of fruits. No one could reach them and they fell and fell later making a mountain of orange seeds. My father started farming on that mountain and grew hundreds of turnips. One of them was as huge as a mountain. I saw a hole in it and accidentally fell in the hole. I tried to get out using the ropes but dozens of men came on horses and told me that they were trying to get out of here for ages and that if I can get out they will give me a bag of money. So I got out and came for the promised bag. That?s why I deserve the bag.? Boon and Goon stood with their mouths opened and handed the bag to Loon.

funniness: 4.00

rating: PG