EBZ w.

A blonde woman ,with brown hair ,walks into a shop, and goes to the shopkeeper and askes "could i buy this toaster?".To which the shopkeeper replies, "sorry i dont sell to blondes".So the blonde goes home - determined to buy that toaster- and colours her hair Red and goes back the next day. when she askes to buy the toaster again the shopkeeper says "sorry i dont sell to blondes". So she dies her hair black and goes back the next day. when, once again she askes for the toaster the shopkeeper who replies " sorry , i dont sell to blondes" . the blonde who at this point was furious askes the shop keeper " how did you know i was blonde?" to which the shopkeeper replied "because that 'toaster' is a microwave".

funniness: 5.94

rating: PG