Isela R.

a little boy named jonny was having a dinner party with his family and hour before the party, jonny went into the kitchen to find his mom. he asked,"mom,what does bitches,mean?" and his mom said,"people!" then he went to the den to find his dad.he asked,"dad,what does shit, mean?" and he said,"food!" later, he went back to the kitchen to find his mom again and asked,"mom, what does sex mean?" and she said,"getting ready!" so when it was time for the guests to arrive,jonny's mom said,"o.k, honey. when the guests arrive,tell them that there's food on the table, and we're upstairs getting ready" so when the guests arrived he said,"hi,bitches!there's shit on the table,and my mom and dad are upstairs having sex!"

funniness: 5.05

rating: PG-13