Tom T.

Created by: Dally Incorporated The Turkey Chapter 1: Intro It all started out on a warm day in January. The sun was shinning, but part of a cloud was covering it up. There was a family, which consisted of three people, one named George. George was known for his ability to track down turkeys in a short time. He also raised the family in the wild, for ten years before moving to Yester-we-we, Africa. Lennie was the guy, who was known for his retardness, but shot like a camel on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper. Lennie?s sister, Juliet, made noises like no other, she tracked down the turkeys so great. The family only did things in the middle of the night. They would constantly go grocery shopping around 3:00 AM in the morning. They broke through peoples houses during the night if they couldn?t find something they needed. They also complained to TV companies, because they only showed the good shows the day, when everyone watched. They were embarrassed that their show was on at 1:00 AM . Their show consisted of them Turkey hunting, in North Africa, which they ran to during the night. Their show had 3 viewers, and it was them. The Turkey Network wanted to cancel their show (Turkey Explorers), but didn?t want to be attacked by the family. Chapter 2: Their show Their show started out with a theme song, Beethoven, during the theme song they would just show them shaking hands with each other. The only way they have it on camera, is their dog follows them, and what ever is seen in the dogs vision, is what you would see on TV. After their theme song it shows them going to get ready for hunting. When they are getting ready, for the theme song they constantly forget their equipment, and it takes half of the show to find all of their equipment for the hunt. Once they actually are ready to go hunting, they go outside and realize that it is pitch black, because remember these guys do everything in the middle of the night. George believes that he has the power to see in pitch black. So they are all geared up ready for another big show in the making, they go out charging, tripping everywhere. They fire when they trip, Juliet makes realistic turkey noises, ?Qwwwuak.? Once George thought she was a turkey, and shot her, he was screaming for the ambulance, but they were no where near within 20 miles of anyone. So they just amputated her leg. Now she has a fake leg. Lennie tackled her, because he thought she was the one, the dog got close in, and ripped her finger. Chapter 3: The Plastic Turkey They were all set up for their first show, that was going to air, at 12:30 AM. They were all excited since that was the earliest time they have ever had. The expected number of people to watch was 4, and remember 3 of them are from the family. The 4th viewer was skipping through the channels and when he had landed on The Turkey Network he had a heart attack and could no longer change the channel, but his last remark was written down, ?This show sucks.? The show was also live because they felt they made better shows under the pressure. Once they were in their spot to hunt turkeys and they had their plastic turkey sitting out in order to attract more turkeys. Then one turkey slowly approached from the south. It sat down right next to the turkey, but George mistaked the plastic turkey for the real turkey and actually shot the decoy. They went up to the toy turkey he had shot and they shook each others hands and cheered. They then brought the plastic turkey home and tried to cook it. They eventually ate it and got cancer from the plastic. Chapter4: Their Final Battle They had been stalking a certain turkey for several months through mountains now and they were about to destroy it. George pulled his weapon up to his shoulder and pulled the trigger. He missed though. The turkey then took off as fast as he could to escape. They continued to follow it through the mountains, but it escaped. It has been three months since that incident with the turkey and they were back for revenge. They have spotted it and were going to kill it. The only problem was that they began to fight over who would be the one to pull the trigger on the turkey. George said, ?I?m the leader I should kill the turkey.? Juliet said, ?I have taken the most wounds, I should kill the turkey.? Then Lennie said, ?I?m the most retarded I should shoot it.? They had argued so long and loud that the turkey had actually escaped them again. George then yelled, ?How could you, now I have to hunt this turkey down again.? Then Juliet pulled out her sniper rifle and shot George in the chest, ?That will be the last time that you talk bad about this family in front of our son!? George then, with his last tiny bit of strength used his weapon to shoot Juliet in the head. In about a few seconds both were dead. Chapter 5: Lennie?s Death Lennie then decided to try and take over the world. He first tried to assemble an army, but no one wanted to help him. He then told the government that he would be soon taking over by force and said, ?Meet me in the middle of the desert.? He then headed down into the desert with a pistol. The U.S. government then sent about three fighter jets packed with nuclear weapons. When they got to him they just dropped seventeen nuclear bombs on him and he was gone in an instant, ?Isn?t that overkill?? someone asked. ?No!? the President yelled back. Lennie will always be remembered as a hero in front of his many friends for his bravery and briefly after George and Juliet?s deaths they canceled their show.

funniness: 2.86

rating: PG