Elsie L.

Okay, so there was an immigrant who just came from a non-english speaking country. he had just finallized the rent on his appartment, and moved the rest of his stuff in. He decided to go for a walk. first he walked past a school, and out on the playground was a fat kid holding a candy bar over everyone else's heads. all the other kids were saying "ME!" over and over again. (like Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!!!) Next he walked past a bar where hungry people were chanting "Forks and Knives, Forks and knives!" Next he walked past one of those really annoying vending machines that talks, it was saying "goodie-goodie gum drops! goodie-goodie gum drops!" And finally he had seen all he wanted to see so he walked back to his apartment, and turned on the T.V. On the T.V was a commercial for glade plug-in fans. it was singing "plug it in, plug it in!" Just then a cop knocked on his door, he answed, and the cop said there had been a murder. Seince them man spoke no english he decided to repeat what he had heard. the cop asked who did it, he replied, "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!" the cop was surprised. "and how did you do it?" "Forks and knives, Forks and knives!" The cop, even more surprised said, "Well, We're going to have to put you in jail." "goodie-goodie gum drops, goodie-goodie gum dops!" The cop, now completely ashtonished said "Oh, really? then I guess we'll hve to zap you in the electrical chair!" the immagrant simply replied, "plug it in, plug it in!"

funniness: 4.76

rating: PG