bob b.

One day God and Adam were walking in the garden of eden. Adam was very lonely so he says to God, " God, I am so lonely, do you think you could make me a woman?" God contenplates Adam for a short while and says, " I will make you a mate my son, but it will cost you, what is it that you wish?" Adam thinks for a minute and says, " God, I want a beautiful woman that will give me as much sex as I want, cook anything I want whenever I want, keep the garden clean all of the time, and in general do whatever I say whenever I say." God nods his head wisely and says, " Adam this perfect woman will cost you and arm and a leg." Adam, not wanting to pay such a high price, decides to bargain with God and says ," Lord, what could I get for just a rib?" The rest is history...

funniness: 4.81

rating: PG