shane s.

so then i was on my way to the craphole court and i had to take a shit so we stopped and i pooed my pants and the guy at the counter of the ballroom was like you fag you said pooed and i was like you fag you work at a bathroom and he was like this id a ballroom and you spelled in wrong so i went in the back of the bus outside and the busdriver drove us to delaware and iwas like i thought we were going to the court so the fat drunk retard bit my arm off so we went to the court in winnepeg and my dad was there and he was like were the george clooney were you you basterd you made us late and you made me pay for parking. you. So i was like look at the fish in the fish tank and he was like all those fish do is suck all day like a hooker and my grandma was like hey its a good paying job so david hasslehofff was like why the fuck should i have to fucken spell florenciss and then my dads cousins brothers dog said what happened to your arm and i said michel moore did it and my dad was like hes getting away after him! will i catch michael moore? where is the horse?why was i going to court in the first place? for the first two questions read part three and for the third one you should have read my first part but all these dicks gave it bad ratings for some fucked reason including a zero which i dont get considering this isnt spam cause im not promoting a site or penis enlarger so please dont give these such bad ratings they are really funny and the first one only got a 1.89 rating so i dont think you can see it on this site unless its above a two or 3 so please rate this at least a four and i think i was going to court because a horse bit me or some shit i dont even fucking remember it was a while ago that i wrote that joke so piss off

funniness: 2.08

rating: PG-13