Chris A.

There were 10 guys who wanted to become priests, and a clergy-man sets up a test for them. So the 10 guys had to strip off naked and sit on a chair. They each had one end of rope attached to their penis and above them were 10 pulleys, so they each had the other end of rope attached to their pulley. Along with the pulleys was a bell. So the idea of the test was that the clergy-man would introduce this really gorgeous lap-dancer to the men. Her name's Erica and her role was to sexually dance around each man. While she does this, none of the men should get an erection, otherwise the bell would ring and this would prove to show that they've failed the test and miss their chance for becoming a priest. Erica makes a start dancing around the first man. She sexually dances around him to try and please him. After a minute, no bell rings, so he hasn't got an erection. She carries on with the other men and still the same results as the first man. When she approached the last man, the man thought she was so fit and feared that he would never pass the test. So Erica dances around the guy. He tries as hard as he can to stop himself from getting an erection. But as he gives up, "DING". The bell rings. At that moment, the bell dropped to the floor, and he goes over to pick it up. As he bends down to pick it up: "DING", "DING", "DING", "DING", "DING" etc.

funniness: 6.00

rating: R