seymour a.

cus: Haha, your balls ain't drop.... Comeback: In your mom's mouth. cus: Your mom is so fat, when she went to the cinema, she sat next to everyone. cus: Your mom is so fat, when she went to a factory, people had to stamp on her "handle with care." cus: tell your mom to stop changing her lipgloss, i'm getting a multi-coloured dick! cus: your mom is so fat, she takes up both sides of the family tree. cus: you smell... comeback: like roses, i know. cus: tell your dad to sleep downstairs, it's getting crample up stairs. cus: your house is so small, when you trip through the front, you fell out the back. cus: your mom is so trampy, when someone asked her, "did you lose a shoe" she picks one out of the trash and said "just found it". cus: your mom is so fat, when she went up a mountain , while wearing a yellow coat, people said "the sun's up." cus: you're an accident, that's why your mom crys every night cus: you're so short, people goes to you, "i look down to you!" cus: you're so lanky, people goes to you, "look like you need some watering."

funniness: 2.00

rating: PG