Isela R.

There was a little boy that was working on a spelling list.He was having some trouble thinking up words,so he asked his mother for help."Mom, can you give me a spelling word?"Since his mother was cooking,she got distracted and dropped a pan on her foot and yelled,"SHUT UP!!!"So he wrote that down.Then,he went to ask his broter for help."Bro,can you give me a spelling word?"Since his brother couldn't hear him because he only said,"oh-yeah,uh-hu"while moving his arms in a circular motion as if he was stirring a bowl infront of him.So he just wrote down his brother's quote.Next,he went to ask his sister."sis,can you give me a spelling word?"Since she was watching 'superman',she just jumped onto the couch,stook up con arm in the air,the other on her waist,chin up high and yelled,"SUPERMAAAAAAAAANN!!!" So he wrote that down. Soon,he went to ask his father. He was in the bathroom.He knocked on the door and said,"dad, can you give me a spelling word?"Occasionaly,he'll keep saying,"down the toilet,down the toilet."So he wrote that down,with a disgusted face.The next day at school,it was time to give the teacher the spelling words."o.k,Geovanni,give ma your spelling words." "o.k teacher" he got his list and began."SHUT UP!!!" "did you just tell me to 'shut up'?!?!" "oh -yeah,uh-hu" "who do you think you are?!?!" "SUPREMAAAAAAAAANN!!!" "o.k, that is it.I am taking you home,where do you live?!?!" "down the toilet, down the toilet."

funniness: 2.43

rating: PG