elmo f.

IDIOT SIGHTING 1#: I go to a colourguard, its where you dance and throw big flags about baseically... So theres me and my friend sarah and the whole group were practising together for a show, but every time we caught our flags, we made to much noise when we caught it. So our instructor said that we had to spilt up into pairs and practise this toss to each other until it was slient. Sarah caught her flag and it was dead slient, she screamed to me 'OMG that was slient! Actually no noise was made! Did you hear it??' IDIOT SIGHTING 2#: With the colourguard again, this time it was Megan. We were all in the couch going to our next show, when we got to a red light, megan looked out the window and some ducks on top of a shed, she spoke out and said 'how did thoses ducks get up there?!?!, they cant fly!' IDIOT SIGHTING 3#: At my school, in our french lesson, a gril was complaining that she didnt get the work, she then screamed out 'God im DUM dumb! Of corse the class burst out laughing, with her looking around saying 'whats so funny?' IDIOT SIGHTING 4#: My bike hasnt been working right, and so my brother and my next door neighbour were trying to figure out why, my next door neighbour told me that the cain was on 2 different cogs, so it was at different heights. My brother trying to act intelligent, said 'would it work if you switched the 2 cogs around?' me and my next door neighbout didnt really know what he was getting at...

funniness: 3.00

rating: G