Dustin B.

There are 3 guys standing at the top of this skyscraper, and the 1st guy looks over to the 2nd guy and says, "Wow! There is this amazing updraft around the 9th floor, if you jump off the top you will gently float back up!" The 2nd guy says "No way! That can't be true!" And the first guy says "No its true!" So he jumps off arms flailing and screams of terror comes out and when he reached the ninth floor and he suddenly stops and magically floats back up, and the second guy says, "Oh my god, thats so amazing, i'll have to try that!" so he jumps off arms flailing nd he reaches the ninth floor and keeps going and all of a sudden SPLAT!!! right on the ground, then the first guy looks tot he third guy and says "Ugh what a mess" and the third guy looks at the first guy and says " you know what superman? you can be a real bully sometimes!!"

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG