Claud D.

Two Little boys are sitting on a curb one day arguing over who's daddy is better. Boy #1 says,"My Daddy is better 'cause he drives a mercedes." and boy #2 says,"No, My Daddy is better 'cause he drives a Ferrari." Boy #1 says,"Well, My daddy is better 'cause he owns a 9 bedroom Mansion." Boy #2 says,"Oh, Thats Nothing, My daddy has 3 of those." Now Boy #1 is getting upset, and he looks at Boy #2 and says,"well, well, My Momma is better than your Momma." Boy #2 then looks at Boy #1 and kinda smiles, and replies,"Well, I am going to have to agree with you there, My Daddy Says the Same Damn Thing."

funniness: 5.68

rating: PG-13