chris h.

(loen has a nasly vioce and bill a low vioce simaler to mr ts vioce) bill:welcome to football for dummies! what did you think leon? (soccer) leon:bill i think they are to fat bill! bill what do you mean ya fool! leon: they need my new diet kit(commercial comes on) low vioce: try the leons horse diet 100% horse why not try the leon week put hourse testicals on your weatabix horse urine or horse barf or horse pubic hairs! only #50.00/$1.50 call 0080 4650115 or text bARF TO 3333 NOTE: LEON CORP DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO USERS. EFFECTS MAY IN CLUDE LOSS OF GENITALS BRAINS AND GROUTH OF THE SPLEEN! CALL NOW!

funniness: 1.40

rating: PG