amanda w.

lil jonny and his grandma go for a walk one day. lil jonny is real quiet and has his hands cupped together. he continuously peeks into his cupped hands. finally, he looks up at his grandma and says, "nanny, are there boy crickets?" his grandma thinks for a moment then replies, "yes lil jonny, i believe there are." lil jonny looks into his hands again, and asks, "nanny, are there GIRL crickets?" the grandmother thinks about it for a moment. she doesn't know if lil jonny's parents have explained the facts of life to him yet. so she answers, "no lil jonny, theres no such thing as girl crickets." lil jonny thinks about this for a minute and gets mad. he smacks his hands together, and yells out, "DAMN FAGGOTS!"

funniness: 6.26

rating: PG-13