Gemma - Louise C.

Elton John and his boyfriend booked into and posh 5 star hotel for a night. All night they were having passionate sex. non stop. 10:30 in the morning elton got a call and had been told he had to go to some celebrity thing and it would only take a few hours. so he agreed. he woke his partner and said " i have to go out, but it will only take a few hours. you have to promise me you wont do anything. not even 1 little wank. promise? " his parnter promised and off elton went. it had been 2 hours and elton was arriving back to the hotel. when he walked in the room the was cum everywhere, all up the walls, in room, up the curtains, everywhere imaginable. elton got moody and shouted at his borfriend " YOU RPOMISED YOU WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING. HOW COULD YOU? " his boyfriend replied " i dont know what your talking about. i didn't do anything. i only farted! "

funniness: 5.16

rating: R