samantha r.

There was these two couples they would argue everyday so this one day the Wife told the Husband why he is wearing on the same underwear so he said you know what am tired of us argueing everyday and you are always causing the problem first. Wife: well you know what lets make a bet we won't talk to each other for a month! Husband:yea i argee So the month has gone and the couples have'nt talk the whole month the husband was sitting down on the porch looking sad and lonely so the neighbor spotted him asking why he looks so down today so the husband said um,well! me and my wife bet that we won't talk to each other for a whole month neighbor: so whats wrong! Husband: today is the day we have to go back to talking to each other and am tired of this miserible woman she always getting on darn my nerves!TAKE MY ADVICE DON'T GET MARRIED 2 FAST! Neighbor: THATS WAS TO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rating: PG