A little boy's kindergarten teacher told him . "This is your homework tonight learn the ABCs and tell me tomorrow." So the boy went home.His mom was in the kitchen. "Mommy whats the 1st letter in the ABCs?" she was busy..."SHUT UP." The boy went to his sister and asked "Whats the 2nd letter in the ABCs?" As any big sister would reply..."WHATEVER!" The little boy went to his brother and asked "Whats the 3rd letter in the ABCs?" his brother was watching batman and he replyed..."BATMAN BATMAN!!" The boy went to his father..."Whats the 4th letter in the ABCs?" His wierd dad was fixing the toilet and he said..."Down the toilet!" FINALY At shcool the teacher asked..."What's the first letter of the alfebet?" The boy replied.."SHUT UP!" The teacher said."Do You want a really LONG lecture from the principal?" the boy continued the 'ABCs'"WHAT EVER!!!" AT THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE "What is your name?"The principal asked The kid continued the 'ABCs' "BATMAN!BATMAN!!!" "Where did your brain go!!!???" The kid continued the 'ABCs' "Down the toilet!!!"

funniness: 3.41

rating: PG