Lexa F.

A Rabbi was about to circumcize a newborn, when all of a sudden, his phone rang. It was his best friend. The friend said, "Well, I just sent Mordicai with the fish. Hope he makes it up all the stairs, seeing as he's quite old." "Well," said the Rabbi, "Someone just knocked on the door. It's probably him. Shalom!" He opened the door, and there was Mordicai, with a huge, expensive, gilt platter, but no fish. He asked Mordicai where the fish was, and got the confouding reply, "Fish?!?! All these years, I thought it was a Dish!" I know, not one that'll kill them in Vegas, but I never said it was going to be great. This is only a rough draft, you know.

funniness: 2.71

rating: PG