CheesyJohn -.

One day, at a execution center, three people were about to get executed. There was a redhead, a burnette, and a blonde. the first up waa the readhead. She goes up the the platform and the executioner asks: "do you have any last words?" and the readhead saids: "no..." and so the executioner and a few others take rifle, and says: "Ready!..Aim!.. and.." just then, the readhead screames: "Oh My God!!! A hurricane!!!!!" and the executioner shouts: " Oh My God! Duck everyone! Duck!" and while the executioners are ducking, the readhead sneakes away. The next up is the burnette, and the executioner goes through the same steps... and teh execution begins: "Ready! Aim! ..." noticing what the readhead did, the burnette quickly shouts: "Holy shit!A Tornado!!! Everyone! Duck!!!!" and so the executioner was fooled once again and the burnette escaped. Finally, the blonde is up and the executioner says the same thing again..also, the blonde noticed how the readhead and the burnette fooled the executioner, and so when the executioner shouts: "Ready.. Aim......." and the blonde shouts: "FIRE!!!!" and well, thats what the executioners did.

funniness: 4.81

rating: PG