franco v.

Two female friends walk into a bar. One of them is called lucy and is amazingly attractive and walks toward a group of guys and begins to flirt. The other girl is called mary does have the dazzling figure of her beautiful friend and decides to just sit down and have a few beers. After drinking about 2 or three beers Mary decides to leave. The bartender gives her the bill while she reaches into her wallet only to find that she forgot to bring money. The bartender says that she cannot leave without paying her bill. She cant think of anything else to do so she tells the bartender that shell let him sniff her friend's pussy if he lets her have the beers for free. He gladly accepts the offer because hes been looking at the beutiful woman for quite some time now. Mary looks to the right...then to the left...tells the anxious bartender to close his eyes....and then takes two short breathes on the bartenders nose.

funniness: 3.57

rating: R