Alex V.

These are actual stories of crimes commited around the world, and how stupid the criminals were. 1.A 32 year old man from Toronto, Ontario, he had been pulled over for speeding. The officer asked him "License and registration". The man says "Ok, but I stole this car, so I'll need your help to find the registration." He was charged with theft, and speeding. 2. An 18 year old boy, in Kentucky, wanted to start a shootout with actual guns. He passed out invitations, and posted one on the front door of the Kentucky police station. 3. A few 13 and 14 year old boys were trying to vandilise there school, when a boy threw a rock at the window. The window of the school was plexiglass, the rock came back and hit him in the face. He was in the hospital with major bruising for severel months. 4. Severel gang members were arrested in a gang fight in New York, NY. They had it right in the middle of the road, and ended up shooting a few other people. In court, the jury asked one of the gang members to tell his story, it was "we were going to get some ice cream, when the ice cream guy gave us a gun, to shoot his evil twin brother, that's when aliens came up from nowhere, and started shooting at us, and that's why we shot back dawg!" 5. Police were investigating a series of computer roberies in South Talahama. They had only one suspect, a 41 year old man who lived next door to a computer store. After every robbery, he'd right this on a note "I am not from South Talahama, so don't bother looking there, I do NOT live in 31 mangrid Lane, beside the computer store, so don't expect any computer there. My name is NOT Charles James, and my phone number is NOT 411-3391". The man was arrested and sent to a mental insitution for help. ******************************* Please Vote!

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