Mehek V.

one day, when stacy came home from school, she saw that no one was in the kitchen, or anywhere downstairs. knowing that her brother and mom should be home, she was confused. so she decided to go search the upstairs. once she searched most of the rooms upstairs, she checked in her parent's room, only to find her mom and brother having sex. ''Mom?!?! What are you doing?!'' ''you know perfectly well what i'm doing! What is there to be so mad about anyway?!'' ''Hello! don't you feel bad for doing this to your son, not dad?!!'' ''actually you're absolutely incorrect. i don't feel bad at all. i feel very good. because your brother's penis is very erect long, strong, and great for sex. as your dad, limp as a worm.'' '' mom, i didn't know you and dad had sex that much!'' '' we never did. i was too weak. but you, apparently,were too strong.'' stacy: GULPPP

funniness: 3.91

rating: R