A R.

A guy was at a bar and was completely drunk. He saw a beautiful woman with huge breasts. So he went over and started to talk to her. "Hey, what's a hot, sexy mama like you doing here?" he asked her. Obviously drunk, she replied, "Looking for some rugged lumberjacks to nail down." He being a lumberjack, knew it was his chance. "I'm a lumberjack." "Then come with me," she said, pulling his shirt towards the door. They went to her house and got completely naked. He nailed her down, chest down, and started humping and ramming her ass. Then, she got him down, back down, and starting kissing him as she moved her body up and down along his body. Then, he got her in the same position and injected his penis into her vagina. She screaming and moaned in happiness as he did this. The two were extremely horny and had wild sex all night. In the morning, the man woke up to find he still had an erection. Wanting a blowjob, he turned and found the woman awake and smiling at him. He suddenly realized it was his wife. "Honey, you haven't touched me like that in years," she said. "You weren't drunk at all, were you?" he asked her. "No, but I have two questions. First, what are we going to name the baby? And, are you going to sit there or do you want that blowjob?"

funniness: 6.32

rating: R