mohamed b.

There once lived a sad old women. He husband had died and she had no children nor family. She decided to take the easy way out of life and commit suicide. She decided to go ask her doctor where her heart was located so she could shoot herself. So off she went to the doctors office. "Doctor Arbosniftch" said the old lady "Where is my heart located?" "It is located near your left breast," said Doc Arbosniftch. So the old lady went to go buy a gun. When she did she went back to her house and shot herself. 1 DAY LATER.... a neighbor noticed the old lady hadn't come out for feeding her plants like she always did. the neighbor god worried. so when she didn't answer the neighbors ring the neighbor called the police. They discovered the old ladies body and took her to the hospital. A doctor examined her body. she was shot on her left knee cap. She definetely shot her left breast. It's just that it sagged so low.

funniness: 3.88

rating: PG