Federico S.

batman, the green goblin, and spider man want to have a picnic, so they go. on their way, spiderman forgets the sandwiches, so they go back. spiderman sees the sandwiches and says " bah, i think i wil eat them." and so he does. on his way back to the car, the green goblin asks " where are the sandwichis??" and spiderman says "well... i ate them!", so the green goblin and spiderman start fighting and batman says "stop! DAMN YOU! STOP RIGHT NOW!!!" so they stop and the go. on their way to the picnic the green goblin forgets the beer so they go back and the green goblin goes to the top floor of the skyskraper and decides to drink the beer. drunk, he goes to the balcony and falls off. batman and spiderman assume he's dead so spiderman ties him up with his web and they use him as a boxing bag. several hours later, the green goblin wakes up and gets mad at them and they make peace and they go. then when they get to the picnic area batman forgets that he has to fart. when he bends down to get a coke, he lets out a huge fart and his ass explodes. spiderman turnes green and the green goblin red. "what the FUCK was that!!!" says spiderman and the green goblin respondes with a huge burp that sends spiderman's head go off. so now there is only the green goblin and he farts, but because his ass is covered by his suit, he expels gas not from his anus, but from his eyes and his mouth. then he looks to his left and he sees the teen titans (witch has nothing to do with this) kicking each others ass. so he looks to his right and he sees bin ladin throwing an automic bomb near him and they die. right on top of bin ladin is bush. who throws another automic bomb on bin, but the planes are so close that they both die... THE END!

funniness: 1.29

rating: PG