Truvon D.

There are these 4 college people, 2 girls and 2 guys. They are all kind of nerdy and weird, yet still have firend. So they are sitting in their house (because they all live together) waiting for their fifth friend to arrive. After waiting for over 20 minutes, one of the guys tells his friends he needs to take care of bodily functions and goes to the bathroom. The next minute the fifth friend arrives, hes a man but he is gay. He doesnt think his friends know he's gay, but he is always carrying a purse and talking like a gay would, so they all naturally know. After finally summoning up the courage, he announces to the 3 remaining friends, "Guys, I have a very important announcement." The friends pause for a while and the gay guy continues, "Guys, I know you think I'm straight, BUT I'm actually gay." The friends don't react in anyway at all since they already knew this and just continue through what they were doing saying, "So what?" The gay guy replies, "So what? You're supposed to be making a big deal of this!!" At this very second, the guy who was in the bathroom returns and questions, "What, what are they supposed to make a big deal out of?" The 3 friends reply, "Oh nothing, he was just telling us that he's gay." The guy from the bathroom replies screaming to the gay guy, "What the fuck man, you should have told me you were gay before I let you play with my penis!!!!!!"

funniness: 4.29

rating: R