Jonathan H.

One day , there are several men in a bar. All horny , and wanting some action. Then , a blonde enters. She sits down next to one of the men. She asks him "excuse me , but do you know what sex is , because I went into another bar , and all the men were asking me , if I wanted to have sex with them. If its something where we have an intercourse , I wont do it." The man quickly thinks to himself , and devices a plan. He says , " well , sex is all a competition see. The woman sucks a penis , untill she cant anymore , and the man puts his penis into her vagina , or asswhole , or mouth , untill he can't take it any more. Would you like to give it a try" She said yes. And they kept taking turns , untill the man won.

funniness: 4.62

rating: R