Nathan V.

One day as Ryan was outside playing basketball on his driveway when he saw his blonde neighbor go check her mailbox. She looked in the mailbox, scratched her head ,and then walked into her house again. A few minutes later Ryan saw his neighbor come out again and look inside her mailbox, then walk inside again. Once again Ryan saw her walk outside and check her mailbox. This time she was really andry and stomped inside. In ten minutes his neighbor came outside with a computer in her hands and put it in the middle of her lawn. She then went inside and came back in a couple of minutes with a baseball bat. She went up to the computor and started smashing it with a bat screaming like a crazy person. Ryan then ran up to her and stopped her saying, "Why are you smashing your computer?". His neighbor looked at him and said simply, "Well it kept telling me that I had mail, and every time I checked, i didn't. It's a liar and I HATE LIARS!"

funniness: 5.62

rating: PG