A R.

1. Run around the block singing, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith" very loudly, while playing the cymbals. 2. Pretend to fall and get hurt. Yell the names of different kinds of nuts 3 times in a row. When someone comes out, act like nothing happened. 3. Keep screaming "WHY ME?" at the top of your lungs. 4. Go to a music store, rent a tuba, and play it for 1 hour, even if your cheeks hurt. Get your neighbor's reaction. 5. Stare at everyone as they walk by, saying, "Focusing...." If they ask what you are doing, pretend to wake up from a trance. (Note: Don't ruin the focus by laughing) 6. If your neighbor is throwing out an old toilet and has place it by the curb, when he/she is sitting on the porch, go to the toilet with a newspaper and sit on it. 7. Ring their doorbell and run. Repeat until they yell, "Who the fuck is ringing my doorbell?!" 8. Spot the nearest neighbor. Examine their clothing. Go about 20 feet away before yelling, "Red Rover, Red Rover! Whoever is wearing *color*, come over! 9. Lay in the middle of the sidewalk with your eyes closed and a pillow under your head. If they ask, tell them that it's your afternoon nap. 10. Lay on your back in the middle of the sidewalk. Lay in crazy position. Twitch. ------And Now....------ 11. Yell, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" every two minutes for an hour.

funniness: 6.21

rating: PG