Alex V.

This is not trying to be funny!!! 1. I just absolutely frigin' hate it when people say the joke "your so stupid you tripped over a cordless phone"! You can trip over it! Trust me! You can trip over the god damn phone its self! Even if there are no cords, you can still trip over the phone! 2. I also hate it when people say "Your so stupid you tried to drown a fish". Logically, you can, if you block it's fuckin' gills, you can basically drown it!!!!!! 3. "Your so stupid, you climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the other side". Aha, but how would you climb over the wall? And, what if the glass was dirty, therefore not see-through....Ever thought of that there Mr.Dumb Fuck? 4. "Your so fat, when you put on a yellow raincoat people yell "Taxi". Well, obviously someone didn't think this one through. Your telling me that a guy that's wearing a yellow rain coat, looks like a striped motorized machine with Wheels going 60 MPH +. Uh huh.... This was all to get it out of my system, thank you. ------------------------ Please vote!

funniness: 6.09

rating: PG