A R.

ANGEL_FACE HAS LOGGED ON Gregory5: Hello, Angel. Angel_Face: Hi, Gregory! Gregory5: Please call me Greg. Angel_Face: Ok.... Gregory5: Would you please describe yourself? Angel_Face: Ok, I'm 25, single, 5'6", skinny, honey blonde hair, crystal blue eyes. You? Gregory5: Well, I'm 26, 6'0", single, skinny, brown hair, brown eyes. Angel_Face: Ooh, sounds sexy. Where do you live? I live on Harold Pl. Gregory5: Really? I just moved in down the street! Angel_Face: Wanna make love? Gregory5: Right now? Angel_Face: Oh yeah...I'm feeling so horny! Gregory: Ok, let's start. I walk into the room to find you naked... Angel_Face: I pull down your pants and I take off your shirt. Gregory5: I take off my underwear. Angel_Face: Your penis is so long! Ooh, I'm feeling so horny!!! Gregory5: I go on top of you and head straight for vagina!! Angel_Face: Wait, you don't do that! You obviously don't know how to have proper sex! I coming over to your actual house and seeing how you actually do it. Gregory5: I wouldn't do that! Angel_Face: Why not?! Gregory5: My mom just got home. ANGEL_FACE HAS LOGGED OFF

funniness: 5.44

rating: R