Jacklyn S.

1.) Blame that the other person did not get to the brake fast enough 2.) Say your imagenary friend was driving and it was his fault 3.) Say you're blind and did not see them 4.) Say Armageddon's coming and you did not want to be late 5.) Say thier car is just dumb and ugly so you wanted to do them a favor and get rid of it 6.) Say it was all a test for them and sneak away into the shadows 7.) Scream and run around in circles so they take you to the assulym instead of to jail (better food service) 8.) Say you know where they live and don't be surprised when they get a package in the mail and run off laughing like a maniac 9.) Tell them they had a wardrobe malfunction and was trying to help 10.) Say they should watch were they are going and throw a smoke bomb on the ground and fly away on your trusted steed Flopsy and create a new name and build a house on a cliff

funniness: 1.20

rating: PG