Luis M.

The D.U.M.B. or Da Unibercity of Maney Blondes (actual spelling) held a meeting one day. They were discussing how tired the were of all of the blonde dumb jokes. They decided to end it by enventing new stuff to change the world forever and to proove that they weren't really dumb. This is what they have so far: 1. a new color- Blellow- combo of blue and yellow 2. an electric hairdryer that DOESN'T use electricity. 3. Battery powered Batteries 4. An electric hairdryer that works underwater! 5. A fat repellant spray. 6. Fat-free fat. 7. A town in which all of the old,fat,ugly, and poor people can live in. 8. Edible money. 9. A remote control for the remote control. 10. Solar powered night vision goggles!

funniness: 5.86

rating: PG