Abraham R.

Three were three kids. There names were Fuck You, Manners, and Trouble. One day, they went walking through the woods close to the neighborhood. After 3 hours, Fuck You and Manners came out of the forest. But Trouble was no were in site. Thinking that their friend was lost, Fuck You and Manners went to the police department to file a missing peoples report. Fuck You went inside to handle the business and Manners stayed outside the building. Fuck You goes inside and walks up to the front desk. He tells the officer "Help me! Help me! My friend is lost!" The officers says to the boy "Alright son, calm down. Lets just file a report. Please, tell me what's your name?" And the little boy says "Fuck You". The officer looks at the boy and says "Excuse you! Where are your manners?" "Manner's? Oh, he's outside." Says the boy. And the officers ask, "Kid, Are you looking for trouble?" Fuck You looks up at him and says "How do you know?"

funniness: 4.93

rating: PG-13