kristin p.

A guy drives up to a drive in window and orders a hamburger and fries. "Me too". Says the ostrich sitting next to him. "Thats $9.75". The waitress says. The man reaches into his pocket and hands her the exact change she needs. They return the next day and both order steak and potatos. "How do you do that?" The waitress says. "Do what?" the man says. "How do you give me the exact change every single time?" " Oh, a genie granted me just two wishes. The first wass that i'd have the excat amount of money for everything." the man replied. "cool! but i have just one more question." she says. "What?" " whats with the fucking ostrich?" she said. "My second wish was for an exotic chick with long legs who agrees with everything i say."

funniness: 5.08

rating: PG